Kids' Prayer Mat

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Interactive Electronic Sejadah.

Comes with interactive prayer panel to guide solat every step of the way.

Available in 6 languages.

5 Prayers and doa recitation

Good as gift for kids or even adults who are practising on solat.

Why Is This Prayer Mat so special for CHILDREN?

1) The only prayer mat which teaches your child solat faster, easier and effectively. Just need to follow the movements taught by SMART PANEL

2) Just keep the feet on the Sejadah, the technology sensor will detect and will automatically read the Takbirratul Ihram. great right?

Monitor sensor embedded on the bottom layer of the prayer mat track the movement of the body during prayers. If the are errors in the movement, the control panel will emit a warning. 

3) Help and guide your child memorizing the Prayers,

The prayer mat has been programmed with common surah reading in every prayer randomly. So your children will find it easier to memorize verses to read during prayers. 

4) Qibla compass - Just put the SAJADA on the floor and the compass will rotate according to the Qiblat direction.


Suitable frm age 3 and above.

Washable and durable material.

Soft fabric. Has sensors for feet and hands.